How to Overcome the Mom-Guilt Trap
As moms, it’s easy to feel so much guilt, especially when you’re working and managing all the things. So let me give you five tips today to help you relieve some of that stress and pressure that you're feeling. In fact, I’m so passionate about this that I wrote a book called Letting Go of Perfection. When I did that, the weight of the world just dropped off of my shoulders. Because I just did my best. And some days it's not even my best. I just do what I can. 

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. What you see on social media is almost always through a filter or a facade. We’ve all spent a little too long trying to get just the right camera angle, right? Know that the final result you see is a very small snapshot, and is not even close to the whole story. Be happy for others, bless them. Be happy for their success with their perfect family photos, keep moving, and focus on your own family.
  2. Take time for yourself regularly. We all need time to recharge so that we can live out our purpose. How can you pour from an empty cup? Maybe that is going for a massage or a yoga class. Personally, I like to get up an hour early so that I can read the Bible, pray, meditate, and practice gratitude. Your family wants you to be happy, and sometimes that means time away from them. You're also setting an example for your kids of what a balanced life looks like. You show up best for them when you’re refreshed.
  3. Be okay with hiring help! When I was working full-time outside of my home, I had somebody come to clean my house. We sometimes get our groceries delivered. You don't want to go into debt doing this, but if you can find room for it in your budget, the return will be worth it. Evaluate- what time and energy will this create for me to spend on my family instead? 
  4. Learn to say no. How many times have you regretted committing to something when you realize you have too many things on your plate that you didn’t really want to do but felt obligated to? Before you say yes or no, take 24 hours to think about it, and listen to your gut. Maybe it’s not the most efficient use of your time, but you can send a gift card or delivery, or recommend someone else. 
  5. Remember that you are enough. Read that again, and tell yourself often. You’re doing a lot, and when you put pressure on yourself to handle everything perfectly, that's going to cause you stress, anxiety, and depression. It's going to affect your relationships with your family. 

Let me know which one of these helps you the most! If you’re feeling depleted from all the guilt, grab my quick guide to help boost your energy naturally, and join my Warrior Moms community for lots of educational resources to help relieve stress and bring your life into balance.
Happy reading and learning, 

xo Ms. Sheri

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