Waiting For the Other Shoe To Drop

Waiting for the other shoe to drop….
Or could you just go barefoot?
That little feeling has come back into my life lately.
That feeling where your heart feels a little squeezed. Your head feels a little foggy. When your mind starts racing…
When I get like this, I know that I have entered an anxious state- I am stressed and I am worried about something- my family, finances, health, work…
And what I have learned during the past five years, is that when I am like this, I am not present in my life.

 I went to therapy back in 2017 and the doctor taught me some good and simple things that have helped me to stay mostly anxiety free these past five years.
He taught me that when you are in a state of anxiety- you are worried about the future. When you are feeling sad or depressed, you are focused on the past.  
What I have learned and added is that when you are in a state of anxiety or depression, you are not present, and you are focusing on things you cannot control.  The only thing we can control is this moment. How we act, what we do, and how we think.
If you live in a “waiting for the other shoe to drop” state, it can be one full of anxiousness and stress. You have no idea what is coming next- worrying about what you can’t control ruins the present moment- and you miss out on the joy that is right in front of you.
I used to be that person.. always worrying. Today, when I find myself drifting into a state of anxiousness, I work to get out of that state of mind- by taking action and using strategies that I know will remedy my situation.  Breathing, writing, gratitude, prayer, and more.

 I prefer the barefoot state. Connected and grounded. Cool sand or prickly grass under my feet. Standing on a firm foundation. Connected to the earth. Feeling fully present. Now worrying if my shoes are the right color or fit. I prefer to enjoy the present moment- even if it is something that I sometimes have to work at.
Question for you….
As we end one season and begin another in a few short weeks, what kind of stance are you ready to take? Is it going to be a barefoot kind of year for you?
One simple thing you can tell yourself is this:
Where I am is not WHO I am. Where I am is simply where I am.
It is not good or bad- it just is.
If you want to make a change, you can do that- it starts with setting a small goal and taking action each day to help you achieve that goal.
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I am always cheering you on!

Happy reading and learning, 

xo Ms. Sheri

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