Journals by Sheri

52 First Date Journals
Date your spouse and keep a journal of pictures, notes and fun memories! 
Create especially for you by Sheri

Sheri and her husband Matt date each other once a week and it has been a
game changer for their marriage.

Christmas Love Letters
in 2011, Sheri was inspired by her friend Jadra to start a new tradition at Christmas.

Sheri and Matt, following Jadra and her husband's tradition, started writing each other Christmas love letters.
This is a tradition that they continue to cherish! When moving to Florida in 2021, these were one of the items that were the most precious and Sheri thought it would be a cool idea to put them all in a journal- so she created this for you!


Children's Gratitude Journals
Sheri is a big believer in teaching a gratitude practice to young children. Studies show that people who are grateful live happier lives.
Sheri started gratitude circles with her students in her first class and continued the practice each year.
Sheri has created these journals for your children!

 About Me 

It is so nice to meet you!

Hey there- I'm Sheri, an author, coach, and entrepreneur, and I help women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond to feel FABULOUS.   Together, we are redefining aging, crushing our goals, and living a life filled with purpose and JOY.

My life was not always like this- it has taken me over 20 years to feel healthy, happy, and energetic. I found ways to stay healthy, and now I get to help women all over the world redefine their health, relationships and purpose, so you too can also feel this amazing!!

If you are someone who has felt any of the things I felt, and you are losing hope- I have got you! From a lady who could not get out of bed to a 2-time marathon runner, I have systems in place that work, and I am here to help you!

XO Sheri