Healthy Pumpkin Recipes
Are you team Fall or Team Summer? 

I am always a summer girl, but I love pumpkin bread and muffins just as much as anyone else! The smell of pumpkin and cinnamon in the house is just so comforting!

Here are over 15 health yet delicious pumpkin recipes for you- you can make them all gluten and dairy free if you choose! 


Gluten-Free Breakfast
Baked Goods for the Whole Family
I know that one of the things mamas struggle with when dealing with food allergies and sensitivities is finding delicious baked goods for breakfast. My son has nut allergies and I would search for recipes that I could make at home so that he could eat like other kids.

Here are over 30 of my favorite recipes for breakfast- including muffins, bars, and waffles! This recipe book with help you learn how to make yummy treats with easy-to-follow recipes that are also nutritious, all in an easy-to-download E-book.

Nut-Free and Healthy Desserts for your family
I know how hard it is- I have been there! My son is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. He has since had oral immunotherapy- but I spent years trying to keep him safe, and also trying to let him be like any other kid. Birthday parties, cookouts, and eating out were the hardest!! 

I have put together over 30 recipes for you that are nut-free, that the whole family can enjoy. They are also made with good-for-you ingredients. One thing I learned with my son's allergy was there was an awful lot of junk in packaged foods (reading through those labels was scary!) I like being able to control the ingredients by baking my own treats. 

Gluten-free Desserts for Your Family
Having a child with a food allergy or sensitivity can be super stressful- I know because my son is allergic to nuts. I always tried to make sure that his food allergies did not hold him back from fun. Once, while on vacation at Disney, he had donuts and when we got home, I bought a donut maker and made homemade donuts when his friends would sleepover. 

I have put together a book of over 30 easy recipes that will lead you step by step in making delicious gluten-free desserts for your family. I have been on a gluten-free diet for many years due to sensitivities and have worked to perfect my baking. One little tip that I got from a friend who owns a gluten-free bakery- don’t pack your gluten-free flour in your measuring cups…spoon it in.

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