Sheri is a Florida based Life and Wellness coach who loves helping midlife women feel FABULOUS!
Together we are REDEFINING aging!!
My Background 
As a busy mom who has suffered from depression, anxiety, and overwhelm, I know how hard it is to stay healthy and balanced. I went through a very difficult breakdown in 2017 when my life was completely out of balance. But I found ways to get better, working with therapists, and coaches, and learned about more a holistic approach to wellness. As an educator, I have always had a passion for helping others- so I obtained a Health Coach certification and Live Coach certification, so I could combine my love of teaching, helping, and natural wellness to help women feel amazing. 

I believe that we all deserve to feel fabulous! So many women I meet are tired, stressed, and unhappy. I teach women to set goals, and to take simple action steps each day to help them on their journey to feeling amazing! Let's redefine aging together!
Are you ready to change your life?