What You Need to Know About Midlife Mood Swings
Hey, there mid-life mama… today I’ve got some knowledge to drop about something a lot of us go through but don't often talk about- mood swings! It's something that can be a challenge to deal with, but I'm going to share with you what has worked for me and how you can start getting your life back on track. Remember it is completely normal, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re not alone! Here are 3 things to start doing:

1. Examine your diet - start writing out everything you eat just to start being more aware and see if you can identify a pattern. Sugar, gluten, and dairy all made a huge difference for me. These can contribute to inflammation, and disrupted sleep patterns, so of course, that is all connected to our hormones and our moods.

2. Journal - take time to process and reflect. Incorporate prayer, meditation, or calming music to help you step away and just let your feelings flow onto the page.

3. Choose natural products - for the same reason we watch our diet, everything we ingest or absorb through our skin affects us! Cleaning products, soaps, lotions, etc. can disrupt our hormones, so I’ve switched to all-natural to help with feeling my best.

Mood swings don't have to control your life. You can take steps to manage them and live a happy life. But please know, friend, if mood swings are severe or persist for more than two weeks, it's important to see a doctor to get help. Depression and anxiety are very real and need attention when it's becoming something that you cannot manage or handle by yourself.

We’d love to cheer you on and support you wherever you’re at in your journey over in the Warrior Moms community- my group for helping moms to find balance with themselves and then with their families. You know, we have to take care of ourselves to be amazing moms for our kiddos and that starts with you feeling good from the inside out.
Happy reading and learning, 

xo Ms. Sheri

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