I really dislike this phrase,  “FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT”.

To me, it means that we should go through life pretending to be happy and fulfilled, hiding how we are really feeling.

Now, sometimes I guess we may fake happiness a little like if your grandma gave you a sweater that you hate, you smile and pretend that you like it not to hurt her feelings.  Maybe you have had to pretend that all is well at work when you are actually dreading going there every day.
Just make sure you don’t end up fooling yourself into thinking you’re happy while you are busy pretending. 

Here are six good reasons why you shouldn’t fake your happiness:
  1. You’re eventually going to hurt the people you’ve lied to
Pretending to be happy may work for a short period of time. But the longer it drags on, the more you convince people you are indeed happy. But what happens when the truth finally comes out? They’re going to feel utterly disappointed, and destroyed even, especially if they genuinely cared about your well-being. They’d feel like they’ve wasted their time and effort trying to make you happy, only to find out you’ve been faking it this whole time. If you’re trying to build long-lasting relationships, don’t lie. 
2.  You’re going to turn it into a bad habit

When you routinely fool yourself and others into thinking you're happy, then chances are you could be turning your fakery into a bad habit. It’s like putting a wall of fake happiness between you and others. They think they know you, but the sad truth is, they don’t. 
3. You’ll start resenting genuinely happy people

The more you see genuinely happy people, the more you realize how effortless and natural their happiness is. You, on the other hand, have to put on an entire persona to look happy. You’ll start questioning why they have it easier than you do, and that's just not a nice thing to be doing.
4.  You’re not going to grow as a person
When you’re boxing yourself into a corner by hiding your true feelings, you’re not going to grow. And by growing, I mean, developing positive habits and generally, improving yourself. 
5.  You’re going to end up physically sick
You can actually become physically ill when you force yourself to act happy. Putting on a fake happy persona can take its toll on you and increase your stress levels. You’d eventually become tired of it all. (Have you read my book- this was ME!) 

6. You’re going to hurt yourself
Lying to yourself can do that to you. You’re not just hurting yourself emotionally, but also mentally and physically. You can only take so much abuse. You need to start seeking the true happiness that you deserve.
Don’t be afraid to share your true feelings. That way, the people around you can help you. No one should go through life pretending- if things are not making you happy- acknowledge it and then find ways to fix it.
I would love to have you join my community where we are making change- to help you live a happy and balanced life

Happy reading and learning, 

xo Ms. Sheri

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