How to set goals for 2021
Have you ever had that year- that year when everything was going to be different?

You set your New Year resolutions in January , and you are ready to  achieve those goals no matter what.   Maybe you're going to run a marathon, or you are going to lose 50 pounds. Maybe this is the year that you are going to become neat and organized.  
And then what happens?  
You start out in January all gung-ho, ready to crush those goals.  You start working on them in January, and then maybe something happens.  You get sick, or family members sick or your schedule at work changes.  Maybe it's too cold and snowy and rainy outside, and you can't get out to get those daily runs.
Whatever it may be, these obstacles get in your way.  Then it becomes February… and then March,  and all of a sudden those resolutions you made in January are now a thing of the past.  
How do you feel about it?  I know for me when I've set lofty goals or resolutions in January, and then I don't meet them I don't meet them, I feel sad and disappointed in myself.  I feel angry and I feel frustrated.
 So how can we create change in our lives, and create goals that will help us to move closer to our big goals, without feeling disappointed or feeling overwhelmed?
I suggest creating SMART goals.  Did you know that only 8% of people keep their New Year's resolutions? Why not try SMART goals instead?
What are smart goals ?
Smart goals are short term goals that  are easy to attain. We can create small goals that lead up to big change, by creating momentum in meeting these small goals.
SMART Goals are:
  1. SPECIFIC: SMART GOALS are not vague,  such as to be better at something.  Instead there more specific goals,  like “I am going to increase my core strength this month” .
  2. MEASURABLE- SMART goals are  measurable.  You're giving yourself a target date or target time to complete your goal,  and if you fall behind little it's OK.  You  can catch up.
  3. ACCOUNTABLE:  SMART goals are also accountable. These goals  set you up to be more accountable part, giving you an opportunity to take personal responsibility. It is a great idea to let someone else be accountable with you! Tell a friend,  tell you partner, or even  post your goals on social media!
  4.  REALISTIC – SMART goals are realistic- they are achievable and they're going to set you up for success, rather than set you up for failure.
  5.  TIME- SMART goals are time sensitive.  You  establish a date when each goal needs to be accomplished.
 My  challenge to you  this year is, instead of creating New Year's resolutions,  go ahead and create some smart goals! And if you need help, I have got you!! Click the link to join my free  challenge “Embrace The Mess: Women Finding Balance in 90 Days!”, so that you can live out your true purpose and start to DREAM BIG!

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Happy reading and learning, 

xo Ms. Sheri

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