7 Signs That You Are a Stressed- Out Mom
Motherhood is not easy- and anyone who says it is may be telling a little fib!
Motherhood can be joy-filled and happy and fulfilling, but even in the happiest of times, it is never easy.
From wondering what is wrong when our babies are crying (Hungry? Sick? Tired?) to worrying about our teens driving, motherhood comes with some stress- it is normal.
What can cause concern is the stress of motherhood starts affecting a mom’s physical and mental health.
Here are 7 signs that the stress of motherhood may be affecting you.
  1. You are anxious all of the time about your kids.
  2. You don’t seem happy- and your family is noticing it
  3. You have gained weight.
  4. You have brain fog, finding it hard to concentrate
  5. You are having sleep problems- getting to sleep and staying asleep
  6. You are angry- snapping at your kids all of the time
  7. You constantly have headaches
  8. Your neck and shoulders are tight and sore
When my son was a baby, I now realize that I was depressed and anxious. He cried for hours each day, and I was so sad because I thought I was doing something wrong, and I had this picture in my mind of a happy little baby- I felt like I was failing him. I was also super anxious. It was something that I had a hard time controlling.
I was worried about everything. I worried when he cried, when he didn’t cry, when he didn’t sleep, what he ate. Every mom worries, my worry became anxiety. I had no idea at the time that what I was feeling was beyond normal mom worry. I needed help and didn’t even realize it.
If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, please contact a health care provider right away. There is no shame in asking for help.
The signs mentioned above could of course be for many reasons. But…I want you to consider that the stress of being a mom, working at home or out of the house, managing your house and kids' schedules, can be stressful and it can affect your mental and physical health. Not to mention the stress we have been under for the past two years!!
If you would like some help with motherhood stress, I invite you to join my free community, The Warrior Moms Revolution. I would love to welcome you in, to support you and help you!

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