Things That  You Are Not Doing That Are Hurting Your Goals
It is March and about 90% of people who set their New Years Goals on January 1 have already failed.

Why does that happen? Someone has good intent, and then they don't achieve what they set out to do.

Here are a few things that you many not being doing that  are hurting your chances of achieving your goals:
1.  You are not setting attainable goals

Many people set goals that are too big or abstract. They have good intentions, and want to achieve the goal, but they don’t create a plan on how to actually reach that goal.
For example, one of my clients wanted  to run a 10K race, but they have never run a mile before. I helped her create SMART goals, which are smaller goals that can help her achieve her big goal.
SMART goals:
Time Measured.
If you want to run a 10K by June, how are you going to do that?

You can start by making a plan for a month.

I will run 2 miles, 3 x a week for 4 weeks.  

This specifically says what you will do,  when you will do it, how you will do it and it is in a specific time frame.
2.  You are not planning out the time needed to achieve your  goals
I teach my clients to put their SMART goal plans in their planner or calendar. If you want to spend more time with your spouse, plan a date night and put it on your calendar. When are you going do those 3 weekly runs? I suggest to my clients to sit down with their planners on Sunday night and plan out their week, so they are sure to get in their runs, yoga class, or coffee with a friend.
3. You do not have any accountability

I suggest to my clients to find an accountability partner. This could be someone who will work out with you, or who you can check in with each week. If you think you might back out of going to the gym, having someone who will be there waiting for you will make you think twice about not showing up! It is really nice to have someone cheer you on, and who you can support as well.
4.  You don’t believe that you can actually achieve your goals

This is where mindset comes in.  The mind is a powerful thing! Our brains does not know if what we are saying to ourselves is true or false. So, if you are saying, I want to lose weight, but I fail every time, or I am terrible at running, or I cannot do this, your brain believes you.
What can you do? 

Develop a habit of speaking positive affirmations to yourself. It may sound silly, but your mind will start to believe what you are telling it.
Here are a few to try:
  1. I am healthy and radiant
  2. I am capable
  3. I am strong and confident
  4. I am successful at achieving my goals.
Choose one affirmation to focus on for 3-5 days.  Write your affirmation on sticky notes and put them everywhere you can see them- on your mirror, by your bed, by your sneakers, in your car.
When we have a positive mindset,  set SMART goals and have accountability, we can take those smalls steps forward that will help us to achieve our goals.

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