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Letting go of perfection follows the experience of Sheri Poyant and the surprising discovery of how perfectionism was ruling her life. This discovery made her take a much closer look at the powerful effect it was having on her physical and mental health, her relationships, her productivity, and her emotional state, and how they were all profoundly impacted by her desire for perfection.

In this book you will learn:
  • How your need for perfection might be affecting your life
  • How to start to let go, and free yourself from unrealistic expectations
  • Practical tips for healing and recovery
  • How to start living a life that is balanced, with more energy and fun!

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I am honored and blessed to share my morning routine with you.
In my book, Letting Go of Perfection, Embracing the Mess and Finding Your Balance, I share my journey of discovering what my quest for perfectionism was doing to my health, my work, and my relationships, and I share how I learned to let go, and how I stay balanced and healthy today.

I have created a list of 7 practices that help keep me healthy, balanced and hopeful. I am not perfect at doing them every day, and I want you to know that it is okay not to do them perfectly!

You can read more about these practices in my book, but here are my morning practices that you can start implementing with this journal:
1. Practice Gratitude
2. Positive Affirmations
3. Daily prayer or meditation
4. Journal Writing
5. Reading personal development books.

This 90 Day Journal will help you to create morning habits that will I hope inspire you to continue for years. Find a favorite spot to sit, maybe on your front porch, with your pet, in a favorite chair, or with a steaming mug of tea, and just begin.