How to Stop Emotional Eating Forever
Simply put, food can help us or hurt us.
Food can be nourishing and healing for your body, or it can contribute to fatigue, illness, and disease.
As a self- proclaimed  Autoimmune Warrior, I have found that when I eat nourishing, whole foods, my body responds well- I feel peaceful and calm, and my energy is higher.  When I slip and eat too much sugar, or processed foods, my body gets inflamed,  I gain weight, I have pain in my joints and I have no energy.  I feel angry and frustrated.
Are you an emotional eater? Think about it- what do you do if you are tired? Stressed? Angry? Frustrated?
Many times, I find that my clients tend to eat the not so good for you stuff when they are emotional- heck, I have done it too. 

The foods they are reaching for are foods that will give them that instant gratification, that salty chip, that piece of sweet chocolate, or cool bite of ice cream.  But, after bite one and bite two, that satisfaction starts to diminish, and we mindlessly keep eating that not good for you food.
Food is a part of every celebration. We eat cake at birthdays. We celebrate 4th of July with cookouts. We eat sit down heavy meals at weddings and even have a meal after a funeral. Many social activities revolve around food.
We find ourselves eating sweets and other junk when we are sad and when we are happy.
But what if I told you, the food you are eating can contribute to your emotional roller coaster? Foods that are acidic can affect your energy and emotions.  Eat a mango- feel calm and peaceful. Eat red meat or sugar, you may feel frustrated or angry.

I have a few tips for you for helping you to get a hold of your emotional eating.
  1.  Keep a journal- write down everything you eat every day – every single thing!
  2. Notice how you are feeling  throughout the day, and write it down.
  3. Come up with a list of things you can do when you are feeling emotional instead of eating- like going for  a walk, listening to a song or deep breathing.
  4. Try eating a food that will soothe you and bring you joy.
Here is a smoothie idea of foods that bring JOY:
  • A handful of spinach
  • ¼ cup Frozen Mango
  • ¼ cup Blueberries
  • 1 cup Almond milk
  • 1tsp Flax seed
Blend and Enjoy!
So, if you are someone who struggles with food and emotions- I can help. I help my clients create a healthy relationships with food, so that they can use food as nourishment for their bodies, creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Join my 5 Week Jumpstart that starts on Feb 1!

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Happy reading and learning, 

xo Ms. Sheri

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