The Love and Relationships 6-week course will teach you how to how to communicate with your partner in their love language, and how to work through the most common problems married couples face.  You will strengthen your relationship, learn how to connect at an intentional level, bring the fun back into your relationship, without being embarrassed or shamed. This is a judgment free workshop, meant to bring you peace and happiness in your marriage. 

Sheri has been married to her husband for over 23 years. College sweethearts who met in 1990, they have always put their marriage first. That is until Sheri went through a difficult time of illness, stress and overwhelm a few years ago.  Matt and Sheri got through that period with grace and persistence. Then, in December 2020, Matt and Sheri were working on their yearly goals, and the talk was centered on family. They both realized that although they had a very happy family life with their son, they had not been on a date in years.  They decided to put their marriage at the top of their goals, and had 52 dates in 2021. They are still going strong, dating each week, and their marriage has reached a new level of happiness.

When you come away from this workshop, you will have tools to help you start to understand your partner, and for YOU to be understood as well. You will have an action plan to help you communicate your needs better, to enjoy your spouse’s company, and have put the happy back in your marriage or relationship.

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In this program you will get:

  • Year in Review- getting to know your dreams and goals, and your spouses.

  • The Game Changing tools to help you understand what makes your partner tick

  • Be seen and heard by your partner: Communication and Conflict Resolution Tips

  • Money Mindset- oh yes, we are going there!

  • You matter too! How Not to Lose Yourself in the Marriage

  • Ways to connect with your partner in as little as 5 minutes a day!)

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I made this program for you. Because I know that marriage is hard, and that sometimes we all need a little help, and we want to do it before it gets too late.

I am a child of divorce, or I should say an adult child of divorce. Divorce hurts- even as a 20 year old college student, my parents’ divorce hurt. And if I think about it today, it still hurts. I learned a lot of things from my parents, who had a happy marriage most of my childhood. I loved them both, and as a 20 year old- I saw the communication fall apart in their marriage. I saw how they did not understand each other’s needs, and how they would be silent instead of talking things through intentionally. I didn’t want to get married after that- I swore I wouldn’t, but then I met this boy in college and everything changed for me. We are very different, but along the way we have learned ways to connect, to stay in love with each other, to appreciate each other, to be friends. 

Whether you are newly married, have been together a while, or you are just curious how you can improve your relationship, this workshop series will give you some practical resources and tools that you can start implementing right away.

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