Meal Planning for Busy Women
It's not always fast and easy eating healthy - but it's worth it! Here are the hacks I've found to make eating healthy easier through prepping and planning ahead!

Recovering Perfectionist Course
In 2017 I was stressed and overwhelmed over EVERYTHING, placing unrealistic expectations on myself and my family, causing sickness and crippling anxiety because everything wasn't "perfect." I made a choice to move forward, ask for help, and learn to make changes so I could heal. 

This self-paced course is an extension of my book Letting Go of Perfection, and walks you through embracing the mess to live more happy, healthy, and balanced.

5 Week Jumpstart

I went from stressed, exhausted, weight gain and inflammation... to feeling better at 51 than I did at 30! Here's how!

How To Talk To Your Teen
This course will help you to better understand your teen, and find ways to open dialogue with them, helping you create meaningful conversations with your children.