Join me for this 7 Week program!
All participants will get:
A special Oola welcome package from me (with an Oola Energy Shot!)
A customized step-by-step macro-based meal program
12 modules of support for your journey
Access to me in group chat
3 Group Coaching Calls for Support

The Oola Body By Design is the last wellness program you will ever have to buy. 

The Oola Body By Design by Coach Krystal will teach you how to balance your nutrition, exercise and self-care so that you can live the life you have been dreaming about.

As an Oola Certified Coach and Ambassador, Sheri helps families find balance so they can live out a fun and purposeful life. She knows firsthand how hard it is to do that if you are not sleeping well and are completely exhausted, in pain, and if you don't feel good about how you are fitting into your jeans.

The Oola personal development program has completely changed Sheri and her family's life. She and her husband both left stressful jobs, improved their finances, strengthened their relationship, and moved to their dream home in Florida following the simple program, all while modeling what a balanced life looks like to their son. They work hard on Oola Fitness, so that they can continue to enjoy all the fun things ahead of them!

Sheri has autoimmune disease, and that, along with menopause, has caused sleepless nights, lack of energy, and the dreaded weight gain the things she used to do weren't working anymore. She has tried many programs, but nothing was working.

Sheri herself,  as a Certified Health Coach, has helped hundreds of women to lose weight with her coaching, but felt that she needed something different- and Oola's Body by Design fit that for her. Within 2 days of starting, her energy was better and she started sleeping deeper, even dreaming. She loves the custom macro meal plans, and her family is loving the meal plans too!

When you come away from this program, you will have the tools to help you create lasting habits. Wellness is not a fad, or something that you can start Jan 1 or on Monday- it is a lifestyle. This lifestyle will not only help you to be healthier, but it will also help you to improve your mental well-being as well.

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Mindset shift

The way we look at health and nutrition is broken. We think we have to starve to lose body fat or eat horrible tasting foods to be healthy. We believe lifting weights will make us bulky and slow and that the treadmill is the only way to stay lean. All of this is not only wrong; it is exactly the opposite.
Before your Start Day, Coach Krystal will help change your habits and your mindset around health, nutrition, and exercise with 5 modules of training based on the 70-20-10 Method. This will be a forever game changer for you and your wellness journey.

custom Macro Meal plan

Everyone is different with unique nutritional needs. The only way to know what your needs are is through science. The Oola Body by Design program automatically calculates and builds your perfect nutrition plan by analyzing your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), and personal goals. Stop guessing what will work and allow a science-based analysis to show you exactly what will.
After the digital assessment and analysis, you will receive a custom meal plan every week with the perfect calories and macro splits to help you see results. The best part? The meal prep is simple, and the meals taste incredible. You will never feel like you’re “dieting”, and every day will feel like a cheat day!

breakthrough that lasts a lifetime

We will help you with what to eat, but we will also decode your hunger cues and analyze why you might crave food at certain times. We all have moments of emotional eating and binging, but to turn this into a lifestyle and not just a 7-week program, we will dive deep into your emotions around eating. Throughout your fitness journey, we'll guide you through specific training and journal prompts to discover what triggers your emotional eating patterns and how to be self-aware and mindful while eating. 
Please Note: Vegitarian and vegan meal plans are not available, but will become available soon. Only substitutions are provided at this time.