53 % of marriages end in divorce- and the number one thing partners argue about is money.

American's Financial Anxiety has risen.... from 22% to 32% of people saying it is their bigger stressor from 2021 to 2022.

Do we want that for our kids? 

Heck NO!!!  

We do not want them to feel the financial stressors when life throws curve balls at them- like pandemics, recessions, world unrest, and inflation.

Join us for the Money Management For Teens Workshop!

When your kids come away from this 2-hour workshop, they will be able to understand what debt is, understand their money mindset, have at least 5 ideas for income streams, and they will know how to create a budget on their own (and they won’t be asking you for money for gas or going out with their friends!)  (And Moms and Dads- I hope you learn something too)

My son Andrew bought his own car at 16 years old. 

He made money with an online business, saved over $2500 in a few months, and paid cash for his car. He created his own at-home business that generates money while he is at school. We have taught him to not pay for anything if he cannot pay cash for it. He is saving money and creating other income streams, all while still having fun. 

Our society teaches us that debt is okay- that it is totally normal to overspend, rack up credit card debt. We want to get away from normalizing debt- because when our finances are out of whack- so are we, our health, our stress levels, and our relationships.

I want to help teach our kids smart money skills from the beginning- to set them up for success. This workshop can be attended by both parents and kids- just one registration per family is required.

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What will your child get from this WORKSHOP?

Included in this workshop: (taught by Sheri Poyant, A Certified Oola Green Gap Financial Coach and her son Andrew)

  • Know Your Money Mindset
  • Budgeting 101
  • How to live a debt-free life- starting now!
  • How to save, invest and have fun while doing it!
  • Learn 5 Income Streams you can start from home-  no investment required!
  • Help your kids DREAM BIG- create a cell phone wallpaper vision board- with dreams for the next 1, 5 and 10 years
Hey, and if you can't attend live- no problem- it will be recorded and you will have access for life!

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Sheri Poyant is a mom, wife, author, speaker, educator, and certified life and financial coach with the Oola Green Gap. She and her husband are raising their son Andrew to be financially sovereign, debt-free and to make passive income from home. Now, Sheri and her son Andrew have teamed up together to bring you a 2-hour workshop that can literally change everything for your kids, and you! 

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