For most people, the last couple of years have been stressful – stress related to their health, their families, and especially their finances.

Some people may be able to sail through tough times with a healthy emergency fund, little to no debt, a side hustle that covers household expenses, and a lifestyle they can dial down at a moment’s notice. But for most, a personal crisis like a sudden job loss or major auto repair is a wake-up call that their finances need a serious do-over.

Between the overwhelming weight of student loans and the anxiety over looming retirement, people in all seasons of life know they need to get their financial house in order.

I believe everyone deserves the calm and confidence that comes from solid finances.  Years ago, Dr. Troy developed the Oola Green Gap strategy to dig himself out over $700,000 in debt: from student loans, a hefty mortgage, and the loans he took out to start his medical practice.

You won't read about this unique debt-reduction plus steady-investing financial strategy anywhere else. It worked so well that Dr. Troy actually retired at age 42 to the lifestyle of his dreams: helping millions around the world bring balance to their lives through the Oola message.

Covered in this self-paced course:

  • Develop a formula and mindset that will help guide their financial decisions for the rest of their life
  • Abundance vs. Scarcity: Why mindset and goals matter more than impulse purchases and keeping up appearances
  • Creating a clear picture of their current finances: debts, spending, savings investments and monthly bills
  • Establishing an emergency fund for unexpected expenses, and a long-term emergency fund for job loss, business downturn or other situations that typically wreak havoc on one’s finances
  • Planning the actual steps they need to get out of debt faster and build a nice retirement account at the same time
Discover low-cost ways to have tons of fun while paying off debt and saving for the future, too.

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As a certified Oola life coach, I can can give you hands-on and personalized support as you walk through the Green Gap course. It's made such a difference for our family to find financial stability, achieve our dream of moving to Florida, and teaching our son Andrew these financial principles as well. I'd love to share my experience so you can get the maximum impact from the course and added accountability! 
  • Access to the self-paced digital Oola Green Gap course
  • Customized to YOU and YOUR goals!
  • Lifetime access!

  • Access to the self-paced digital Oola Green Gap course
  • Customized to YOU and YOUR goals!
  • Plus six weekly 30-minute coaching sessions with Sheri

  • Access to the self-paced digital Oola Green Gap course
  • Customized to YOU and YOUR goals!
  • Plus twelve weekly 30-minute coaching sessions with Sheri