Finding Financial Freedom

Couples Group Financial Freedom Coaching

Join Oola Coach Sheri and her husband Matt! 

Starts February 15th!
Price $297 per family!

Monday Nights, 7PM EST

Includes 1 Money Magnet Biofeedback Scan 
(2nd family member $37)

Oola Green Gap Coaching

Would simplifying your finances and becoming debt-free change your life right now? 
You could invest for the future, have fun, and actually look forward to those major purchases you’ve been dreaming about.

I am a Certified Oola Life Coach with  Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl, who are the authors of Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World,  and I have partnered with them to bring you their simple formula for calming the chaos and living a life you love.

Now, based on a proven strategy that Troy used to wipe out $755,000 worth of debt and retire by age 42, the OolaGuys and I are bringing you The Oola Green Gap Coaching Program – a three-week quick-start path designed to help you get out of debt, invest for your future, and have good times while you’re at it. 

No scorched-earth, no-fun-ever misery here. Just a few simple habits that will transform your life . . . and your lifestyle.

Money Magnet Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a way that can help to create positive energy in your body and mind- helping you find harmony and balance!

Are you interested in aligning yourself with frequencies that can draw money to you? Often we have subconscious blocks to attracting wealth and abundance. Use this program and begin to attract money making opportunities! These are potent frequencies that align you with the prosperity frequency! Be prepared to be amazed at the financial resources coming your way!
Money Magnetizing 
Biofeedback Scan
1-30 min remote consultation with Sheri 
Aura scan before and after session
Emotional clearing before session
Money Magnetizing Scan 
Report of Session sent to client
6 Affirmations for Daily Practice on cards