Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten!
You can teach your child their ABCs in 10 minutes a day with this easy curriculum, let me show you how!

Worried that your child won't be ready for Kindergarten?

Unlock Kinder-Ready Reading Success with theEmpowering Busy Parents for Stress-Free Kindergarten Literacy Readiness!
Teach Your Child Their ABCs in just 10 minutes a day!
Feeling like you aren't qualified to teach your child the ABCs?

Raise your hand if...

🖐You're overwhelmed at the thought of your child not being fully prepared for kindergarten.

🖐️You're navigating the challenges of the fast-paced, evolving educational landscape and it is confusing and even scary at times!

🖐️You worry about providing the best start for your child in today's demanding world.

🖐Your schedule is a juggling act, leaving you pressed for time.

🖐You want to give your child a head start but don't feel qualified to teach them.

     We Can Fix that!

Nervous your child will be behind? No need to worry any further!

What If........
Your child walked into kindergarten not just prepared, but excited and confident? 🎉


🌈 Instead of worrying about your child struggling with the transition to kindergarten, picture them confidently embracing the new adventure, already familiar with the exciting world of letters and sounds.

🚀 Picture your child not just keeping up but standing out, ahead of the game with essential skills that will pave the way for early reading success. 📚

😊 Envision a happy, confident learner who not only enjoys school but thrives, creating a foundation for a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

👉 What if you could be the parent who provided this head start, making a lasting impact on your child's educational journey?

🌟 That's the transformation we're aiming for - turning worries into confidence, creating a love of reading and books,  and setting the stage for a joyful and successful educational journey.
You have got this- I will give you everything you need to teach your child letter names and letter sounds!

This is the toolkit that is going to give you the confidence to help your child!
👉 Time-Efficient Learning:  Busy parents, we hear you. Our course is designed for your schedule, offering effective lessons that won't eat up your precious time.

👉 Combat School Concerns:  Worried about the state of education? Arm your child with a strong foundation to thrive in any academic environment, turning potential setbacks into successes.

  👉 Stress-Free Education:  We understand the stress of parenting. Our program alleviates the worry of your child falling behind, providing a structured and stress-free approach to early learning.

👉 Parent-Friendly: No need to be an expert. Our course empowers you as a parent to guide your child confidently, without adding to your overwhelmed plate.
Help your child to be successful in school!

Unlocking Your Child's Future Success

Are you grappling with the worry that your child might not be fully prepared to learn to ready in kindergarten? 

It's a common concern, and we get it. But here's the game-changer – our program addresses that pain point head-on.

Sure, you could go the DIY route, looking it up on Pinterest,  but let's face it – teaching the alphabet isn't just about reciting letters. 

Our course goes beyond the basics, ensuring your child learns and thrives. There is a right and wrong way to teach letter names and letter sounds. You will have everything you need to teach all the letter names and sounds in a fun, engaging way.

Crunched for time and don't want to add something else to your plate?

That is why this program was made for you- a busy caring parent! You need just 5-10 minutes a day to teach the letters and engage in fun activities (best part- they fit into what you already do each day!)

All you need is 10 minutes a day to teach the letters-that is It!

Introducing The ABC Toolkit!

What is Included??

☀️Expert Video Guides:  Master the art of teaching letter sounds and names through expertly crafted video tutorials, providing a seamless learning experience for both you and your child.

☀️Printable Resources for Parents:  Easily follow along with printable guides that simplify the teaching process, ensuring clarity and convenience.

☀️Ready-Made Fun Activities: Enjoy a repertoire of ready-to-go activities, effortlessly integrating letter learning into your daily routine, making education enjoyable for your child.

☀️Letter Cards for Quick Reference: Access handy letter cards, simplifying on-the-go learning, and serving as quick references for both you and your child.

☀️Parent Community Connection:  Join a supportive community of parents, sharing tips and experiences, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

☀️Structured Weekly Routine: Benefit from a pre-planned, time-efficient weekly routine that takes just five to ten minutes a day, creating a consistent and manageable approach to learning.


Letter Matching and Sequencing Activities

Value $37

  • Enhanced Recognition: Improve your child's ability to identify upper and lower case letters.
  • Structured Learning: Practice arranging letters in ABC order, building a foundation for organized thinking.
  • Foundational Literacy: Foster visual literacy and sequential understanding, crucial for early reading success.

ABC Coloring Pages

Value $12

  • Pre-Writing Skill Development: Engage in coloring activities to enhance fine motor skills, laying the groundwork for confident letter writing.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Improve coordination through coloring, supporting the development of precise movements essential for writing.
  • Letter Formation Readiness: Coloring associated pictures reinforces visual connections, aiding in the eventual mastery of letter formation.
Meet Ms. Sheri

I would love to be your partner and friend in early education!

Hi, I'm Sheri, the heart behind my company, Tiny Tales, LLC. 

With 20+ years in education, from preschool to first grade, I've worn diverse hats—as an educator, early childhood coordinator, preschool director and early childhood professor. But my most pivotal role? Mom.

As a mother, I feel the struggle many parents face today—schools in flux, literacy rates dropping, shortages of teachers, behavior issues rising. That's why Tiny Tales exists. It's a mission close to my heart: empowering parents to be partners in their child's education. In a country where only one in four kids reads proficiently in fourth grade, Tiny Tales is a beacon of hope to make learning fun and engaging for young children, so they can be successful in Kindergarten and beyond.  In this program, I teach you how to teach your kids letter sounds and names in just 10 minutes a day, incorporting learning into  your existing daily schedule.

Join me in creating a future where your child not only excels in school but thrives in life. Let's make learning a journey you and your little one embark on together, with confidence and joy!

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Have questions before you get started?

We've got answers!

FAQ: How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each day?
The program is designed to be time-efficient, requiring just five to ten minutes a day, and fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule.

FAQ: What if my child already knows some letters? Will the program still be beneficial?
   Absolutely! The course caters to various levels, ensuring enrichment for those who already have some knowledge while providing a strong foundation for beginners.

FAQ: How do I engage with the parent community?
   Connect with fellow parents through our dedicated online platform, where you can share experiences, seek advice, and build a supportive network.

FAQ: Can I access the materials on different devices
   Yes, our materials are easily accessible on various devices, providing flexibility for your on-the-go lifestyle.

FAQ: Is there an app for the program?
   Yes, enjoy the convenience of accessing our materials through our user-friendly app, making learning even more accessible.

FAQ: Do I need to be a teacher or have experience in education to teach this to my kids?
 Not at all! The program is designed for parents of all backgrounds, providing clear guidance and support, empowering you to confidently teach your child.

I have got you!

I am committed to empowering you to teach your children, the right way, in a few minutes a day!

This is for you if...

  • You want to give your child a head start
  • You are worried about the state of education
  • You want a fun meaningful way to teach your child
  • You want to feel confident and teach the correct way

This is NOT for you if...

  • You want to use skill and drill worksheets
  • You don't have 10 min a day to teach your child
  • You are not willing to put in the time to learn how to teach
  • Your child knows all their letter names and letter sounds
What Happens Next?

Once you join you'll get:
👉 An email with your login credentials!
👉 Immediate access to the course and materials!
👉Immediate access to the Learning Community!
👉Expert Videos and printables to make learning a snap!
👉 Lifetime Access!
👉 Bonuses available in the course!

Final Call!

Don't let time slip away! 

Every moment counts in their educational journey. 

If you could have conquered this on your own, you probably wouldn't be here. 

The cost of delaying is more than just monetary – it's the risk of your child falling behind, feeling less confident, and missing out on the joys of early learning. 

Why wait when you can empower your child now? 

Enroll today, and let's build the foundation for a brighter future together!