5 Quick and Easy Ways to 
Find Your Balance

Stressed out? Trying to balance work, family and fit in a little exercise? Overwhelmed by it all? I totally get it, I was there too- in fact I was so stressed out  trying to balance my teaching job, home, and family that it started causing me to be sick and depressed!  Thankfully, I learned some helpful tips and I was able to find balance in this world that can be so unbalanced at times! Now,  I want to share with you 5 simple and easy tips that can help you start to find your balance, so that you can live out your purpose and start DREAMING BIG AGAIN!

1. Find Quiet time for Yourself every day

In order to create goals, and to achieve them, you need to have some time each day to reflect and plan.

I always used to feel that I didn't have time for journaling, meditating, etc. I honestly wanted  sleep more than "me time".  But then I decided to give it a try.  I would set my alarm to get up a 1/2 hour earlier than need. I started to love  this time to myself- to stretch, pray, meditate, read, write, and to practice gratitude.  I realized that I did have the time, it just was that I wasn't prioritizing,  I would stay up late doing school work or scrolling social media. I started to go to bed a little earlier. We all have 24 hours a day. We decide what is important, and what we can fit into our schedules.

Start by taking 10 minutes a day, then work your way to a 20 or 30 minutes. Make a cup of tea,  and do a few things each day that allow you to reflect and plan,  and  will bring you joy, peace and help you get closer to finding that balance. 


It has been scientifically proven that people who are grateful are happier.

Even it the darkest hours, there is always something to be grateful for.  When I was going through my most difficult moments, it was gratitude that helped me through. Every morning I would write down 3 things that I was grateful for. It can be your husband, your kids, your dog, a warm bed or a roof over your head. Sometimes you have to dig deep. And then, something wonderful starts to happen. You start to find gratitude in even the smallest moments, like a bird chirping outside your window, or a sunset in the summer. Gratitude fills your heart and life, and you start to see things in a more positive light.


3. Set Smart Goals!

Smart goals are short term goals that  are easy to attain
If you are dreaming big, of a day that you are able to take your dream vacation, cut back your work hours or have more time for family,  you will want to set smart goals to help you achieve your dreams. Smart goals are short term goals that  are easy to attain. We can create small goals that lead up to big change, by creating momentum in meeting these small goals.
SMART goal are:
  1. SPECIFIC: SMART GOALS are not vague,  such as to be better at something.  Instead there more specific goals,  like “I am going to increase my core strength this month” .
  2. MEASURABLE- SMART goals are  measurable.  You're giving yourself a target date or target time to complete your goal,  and if you fall behind little it's OK.  You  can catch up.
  3. ACCOUNTABLE:  SMART goals are also accountable. These goals  set you up to be more accountable part, giving you an opportunity to take personal responsibility. It is a great idea to let someone else be accountable with you! Tell a friend,  tell you partner, or even  post your goals on social media!
  4.  REALISTIC – SMART goals are realistic- they are achievable and they're going to set you up for success, rather than set you up for failure.
  5.  TIME- SMART goals are time sensitive.  You  establish a date when each goal needs to be accomplished.

4.  Write down 3 things each day that will help you reach your goals

In order to meet your goals, you need a plan!

Did you know that when people set New Years Resolutions, only 8% off those people meet them? They have these big lofty goals, and no realistic plan to put them in place.  Setting goals for yourself is a marvelous thing, it means that you have plans and dreams. 

So, let'd do it! Grab a notebook and on your notebook label it MY GOALS. After you have created your SMART goals, you will use this notebook as a "to do" list for meeting your goals. Before you go to bed each night, write down 3 things that you can do the next day to help you meet your goals. Do you want to lose 10 pounds? What can you do tomorrow to help you achieve that goal? Can you go for a walk? Make some healthy snacks? Drink more water.  Each day, as you check off the items on your "to do" list, you will be closer to reaching your goal!


Get ready to become best friends with the timer on your phone!
Have you ever felt like the day went by, you were super busy, but you didn't seem to get anything done? Yet, it's 11pm and you are still working!  This used to be me, until I learned to time block. Time blocking is setting aside 15 min, 30 min or an hour to work specifically on one goal. Use the timer on your phone and set it for the desired time. Turn off all distractions- notifications for emails, texts and social media. During this designated time, focus only on that task. For instance, take 10 minutes to answer emails, and only do that. Take 30 minutes to prep some healthy snacks for the week. Clean your bedroom closet for 20 minutes. Correct papers for 30 minutes. You will be amazed at all that you can get done when you are focused. When you are able to finish your daily takes in a quick and easy way, you will have more time for the fun things you want to add into your schedule.
Information courtesy of Sheri Poyant