Can Faith Help You With Stress?
I grew up going to church, going to a family masses, and CCD, but along the way I had lost my faith. I think it was when my parents got divorced and the way that the Catholic church was towards my mom, and I lost that feeling of belonging.
Over the last 14 years, I have been finding my faith again, and especially these past 4 years.  It's been a journey for me and it's really helped me to deal with the stress, overwhelm, and sickness I felt four years ago when my world fell apart.
One of my favorite quotes is “when you have faith you have hope, when you have hope you have love, and when you have love you have everything.”
So, if you're losing your hope in the world, with all that is going on- losing your hope in our politicians, you are losing hope with all that is happening with health, with your job, with mandates, with humanity, go back to your faith.
Go back to your faith and it will help to guide you.  It will give you light and healing.

How do I know this? Because it helps me every single day.  I rely on my faith and I rely on gratitude.
Having faith really does help with your worries and stress.
When my son Andrew started to drive I really thought I was I was going to die myself of worry, This worry was overtaking me and it reminded me of those days when I was working at my job and I had anxiety.  One day I was reading my Jesus Calling book and the passage said give your worry to God. It was just what I needed to hear.
So what did I do? I changed my worry to prayer.  It's not that I don't worry anymore, but I can't let that worry overtake me.  I pray. I pray for his safety. I pray he makes good decisions.
What happens when you let all those worries in life overtake you? It will wreak havoc on your body and your health.
If you are letting stress and overwhelm overtake you, it affects everything -your anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, the energetics of your body. That is exactly what happened to me- my stress from my work and personal life caused my autoimmune to flare up.
So, if you've lost a little bit of hope, here are three things you can do to reconnect with your faith.
  1. Listen to some Christian or spiritual music that you resonate with in your car, while you work. It is uplifting and a way to connect to your faith.
  2. Start a gratitude journal- here is the one I use every day, here is one for your kids.
  3. Find a church community online or in person.
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Happy reading and learning, 

xo Ms. Sheri

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