Can't Stick to a Diet?

Do you ever have that inner battle with yourself?


Every single week you tell yourself you're going to start again on Monday. 

It's this never-ending battle of restarting- trying to be healthy, trying to eat healthily, trying not to eat sugar, trying to get in your exercise.  Then you say to yourself- I will restart on Monday.  So, that weekend before you start (again), you eat treats and snacks, because you are starting again on Monday. 


Then Monday comes and you've decided that you're going to eat healthily…. and then you are depriving yourself, and you're feeling grumpy and frustrated.  By Thursday, you're reaching for the cookies, and you're reaching for the chips, and then you're starting to feel bad about yourself. Then you start the cycle again.


And if you are stressed, or fatigued, it can be even more daunting to create those healthy habits. It doesn't have to be this way. 

Instead of an ongoing battle with food, we can embrace food as healing for our bodies. Think of food as nourishing, and understand that it can give you the energy so you can find balance in other areas of your life so that you can make your dreams a reality.

I was barely able to get out of bed 20 years ago.  I was in pain, fatigued and discouraged. Over the years I learned ways to help me feel better and to gain energy

You CAN make the changes- I would love to help you!

So if this sounds like you- tired, stressed, and on the yo-you diet hamster wheel, I want to tell you that there are ways to eat that will nourish your body. 

You'll start to think of food as healing, instead of hurting your body. You can learn how your emotions are tied to what you're eating. 

You will learn how things like self-sabotage, laziness guilt, and fear get in the way of you meeting your goals. 

And you can learn about staples and indulgences so that you can eat healthy 80-90% of the time, and then still have that treat once in a while.

My 5 Week Jumpstart is starting on Feb 1. 

  • The whole first week teaches you about mindset and setting SMART goals.

  • Weeks 2-5 have custom meal plans created by me for the program-easy delicious recipes.

  • I also teach you about nutrition, the importance of exercise, and stress management- they all are important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • You will be supported by me with weekly group coaching, and a supportive private FB community/

Want to schedule a FREE 15 min consultation with me? I can help you strategize on how to find YOUR balance!




Be Well + Be Happy!

XO Sheri



Happy reading and learning, 

xo Ms. Sheri

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