Will You Pivot?

Have you ever seen the episode of friends about when they have to pivot to move the couch? Ross, Rachel, and Chandler are trying to get the couch up the stairs, and they have to keep turning it,  and trying different ways to get the couch up the stairs. This is how 2020 has felt for me, and I think for a lot of people.
There's been so much pivoting in our world,  we were all kind of turned upside down back in March.  For you, maybe your spouse, unfortunately, lost their job.  Maybe you went from working and being around people every day, to working at home.  Maybe your kids are distance-learning, or they are doing a hybrid thing, and they're learning at home while you're trying to work as well.   Maybe you haven’t been able to spend time with extended family, or haven’t been able to have fun or with your friend's social occasions for vacations.
We are trying to make sense of this unbalanced world, and I know that it can be hard to stay positive.  It can be hard to move forward.  It can be hard to find the best in this situation. But,   I am a making “lemonade out of lemons” kind of gal, and I have to try to find the good in what happens.  I have been through more difficult stuff than in 2020- I've lost both of my parents to terrible diseases. I suffered from an autoimmune disease-  I couldn't get out of bed, and  I was so sick and tired and suffering depression a few years ago that I had a breakdown.  
But I don’t let this stuff take me down-  I use these situations to grow and to learn, to get stronger, and then to help others. I think that when we're handed a difficult situation we need to pivot and try to find the best in whatever that may be.  
I have been open to possibilities for learning, even though some things didn't work out the way that I wanted them to back in January.  I was going to be traveling and having fun as I turned 50. But honestly,  I really think that this year has been a blessing to me because I've learned and I've grown, and I make changes that are going to affect my whole entire life.
We spent more time together as a family. I grew relationships with friends,  and my wellness and running community. My husband and I grew our first vegetable garden, and I grew even more grateful for what I had, instead of dreaming about what I wanted.
So, I think that the lesson here is that you're going to be thrown some curveballs in life-whether it is an illness for you or someone in your family,  job stress, or a change in relationships.
There are two ways that we can approach those situations.  We can be angry and bitter- we can just stay stagnant and just accept the change and not do anything about it.
 Or we can take those situations, and we can grow from them, learn and pivot.

It is really all up to you. Will you pivot?

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Happy reading and learning, 

xo Ms. Sheri

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